Through Oracle card Readings, you may receive answers to your unanswered questions and concerns as well as receive clarification regarding decisions in your life or a direction in which you need to go. You may also experience a sense of inner peace from a reading. The Oracle cards I use are powerful, beautiful and clients love them. Clients return for additional readings. 


Spiritual and Life Path Counseling can help you to Transform confusion into Clarity, and DISCOVER your Life purpose. Resolve and heal old wounds, improve your relationship with yourself and with others. Discover your life's purpose. Resolve martial/pre marital issues. Connect with Spirit. Learn how to become more balanced and feel a part of the human family. Spiritual and Life Path Counseling is also beneficial for couples who are seeking to learn effective ways to communicate better, resolve old hurts and find ways to fall in love again. For couples who are seeking ways to prepare for a marital/lifelong commitment, it can be helpful to learn ways to understand each other, negotiate, how to give and take and focus on important issues in their relationships. 


"Detox From Stress - Insomnia, Relaxation Training" is designed to help you cope with stress, develop good sleep hygiene with proven holistic techniques, including neuroacoustic sound and music, proper breathing and thought forms, acupressure, movement and aromatherapy.


"Living in the Present, Let Go of the Past" is a workshop designed to help you to experience the positive aspects of forgiveness, self love, compassion which will help transform your life, family and personal relationships. Learn to FREE YOURSELF from the pain of your psyche which limits you.


"Karma, Dispelling the Myths" is a workshop which will help you to learn positive living instead of fear, resentment or worry about revenge from "past deeds." The concept of KARMA has been misused and misunderstood. What is "Good Karma" and how do I achieve it? It's time to learn.


"Color and Light Therapy 102" Learn how Color and light affects your mood, health and overall wellbeing; learn techniques to balance your chakras; learn about cutting edge medical approaches and research using color and light. Learn about specific properties of color and crystals and how to use them. This is ancient medicine. You will also learn about the history of its use.


Services include Spiritual Counseling and Guidance, Oracle Card Readings, Sandtray Worldplay, Secular Weddings, Workshops and Training


"Sandtray Worldplay"™

Sandtray Worldplay™ is a healing method to access different levels of consciousness for tapping into your inner knowing and enhances personal transformation. The healing power of this experiential method, using elements of sand and miniature objects symbolic of all things in the universe, helps you gain a deeper understanding of the self and psyche. It helps to move you from being a victim of your experiences, to being the creator of your experiences. It is a deeply spiritual process. It is empowering. It enhances your ability to gain deeper understanding of your actions, struggles and purpose, and can help to answer unanswered questions. It is a way to connect with your own inner wisdom.

I have trained on all levels of Sandtray Worldplay™ and have helped people over many years to heal and grow using this method. Countless members of the military, law enforcement, individuals, families, couples, and children have enhanced their healing journeys using this method.

Sandtray Worldplay™ sessions are by  appointment only. 


Contact me to ask any questions, or to make an appointment. Call 928-750-7926 or email me: [email protected]

Please understand that my services are not psychiatric in nature and if you need mental health treatment, you will be referred to an appropriate mental health provider for those services.