About Me

I practiced for many years in various mental health systems including my own private practices.  I was licensed in VT, NH and AZ and was a Board Certified Diplomate. I still am a Certified ADS (Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist), although I prefer to apply acupressure beads in my current practice for stress detox.  I have treated active duty military, retirees and veterans, treating trauma as well as non-military adults, families, couples and children. I have always included holistic approaches in my practice, including spirituality when appropriate, used aromatherapy, ear acupuncture, stress reduction techniques, and expressive modalities. Being intuitive has been a huge benefit in my work in helping others to heal. I was aware of my abilities since the age of 5; my Native/African mother and maternal grandmother were psychic as well.  I became more and more dissatisfied with the limitations of psychiatry and mental health treatment, overuse of psych medication and use of diagnoses to "pigeon hole" people. The lack of creativity in those systems and outdated expectations of state boards made me shift my focus.  The focus on pathology rather than wellness became more and more unacceptable to me. I always practiced with the knowledge that there is no "one size its all" and that each individual is unique and must be approached as such. I wanted the freedom to practice holistically and more creatively without government interference. I became ordained as a secular minister and have found Science of Mind, which is Spiritual Psychology, to be more relevant today than it has ever been in my life, and that many people do not want to live in fear, that they want to be uplifted and positive.  I do not "preach."  I teach and I honor all beliefs. I am dedicated to share my knowledge, expertise and gifts with all those who seek a different approach to healing, personal growth, transformation and wellness in their lives. Spiritual counseling is not about religion. It encompasses the connection between body, mind and spirit, which is consistent with indigenous worldviews and more and more recognized as a valuable construct by healers.